Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF)

The Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) is an annual film festival in Metro, Manila that showcase the Filipino produced films to the entire Philippines. The MMFF starts from December 25 to the first weekend of January in the following year. It focuses on Filipino local movie films that has been participated and patronized by Filipinos, it gives encouragement and importance to Filipino Film-makers and artists to exhibit their art works through films that reflects the Filipino culture and values. The goal of the film festival was also to provide quality films that can be introduced in international film industry throughout the world. During the timeline of the festival, Jurors of MMFF review and approved the films that are possibly can be shown in movie theaters/cinema and exclude for the mean time foreign movies. It is one of the two Filipino major film festivals to disregard for a time foreign films in a week-long period. The festival event started with the 1975 Metro Manila Film Festival, during Diligan Mo ng Hamog ang Uhaw na Lupa film. Antonio Villegas, mayor of Manila during 1966, pioneered the “Manila Film Festival” that was named before “Manila Tagalog Film Festival”. In effort to promote Metro Manila Film Festival, the participated movie films casts annually have parade with their corresponding movie theme along Roxas Boulevard, that visits by our fellow Filipino supporters for their bias MMFF movie film.